XPE Folding Mat (Pressed Edge)

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Protective: XPE folding mat is soft and non-slip, babies can play and crawl safely on it.

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XPE Folding Mat (Pressed Edge)







Crawling mats are generally composed of XPE. The middle layer is XPE (XPE foam, an odorless environmentally friendly material, often used in food packaging), and the surface layer is plastic wrap (an environmentally friendly color film, used for pattern printing). Baby crawling mats originated in Japan and South Korea, and are becoming mature in the Japanese and South Korean markets, and awareness in the Chinese market is gradually forming. There are many aliases for baby crawling mats, baby crawling mats, baby play mats, and baby activity mats. In fact, they all refer to baby crawling mat.

1. Non-toxic and eco-friendly: XPE folding mat is made of XPE foam which is a safe, eco-friendly and non-toxic material for baby.
2. Protective: XPE folding mat is soft and non-slip, babies can play and crawl safely on it.
3. Educational: There are alphabets, animal, numbers etc. designs printed on the mat. Colorful and beautiful designs on both sides of mat. These are good for baby's education.
4. Easy to clean: XPE folding mat is waterproof. You can clean it with a wet cloth, it is easy to clean.
5. Portable: XPE folding mat can be folded and pack in a handbag (non-woven bag), it is portable.
6. It has a protective effect on children..
7. Convenience: foldable, easy to carry.
8. Rich colors: diverse designs and diverse patterns.
9. Non-toxic and environmentally friendly: XPE material. Safe and non-toxic for children.
10. Easy to clean: XPE folding mat is waterproof, if the mat is dirty, it can be cleaned at any time with a wet wipe.
11. Educational: There are animals and letters on XPE folding mat, and the color is rich, which has an educational effect on children.
12. Anti-slip: XPE folding mat is safe and non-slip, children will not be dangerous on it.

XPE mat can be customized
1. The pattern, size and thickness can be customized according to the needs of customers.
2. When customers need to customize, they must first send us the design drawings, and estimate the price based on the number of colors.
3. Customers need to customize, must reach the minimum amount, and have to make new molds.

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XPE Folding Mat (Pressed Edge)0104
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XPE Folding Mat6
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XPE Folding Mat
XPE Folding Mat1
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XPE Folding Mat
XPE Folding Mat (Pressed Edge)01
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Use non-woven bag for individual packaging, and big woven bag (or carton) for the outside

XPE Folding Mat (Pressed Edge)0102
XPE Folding Mat (Pressed Edge)0103
XPE Folding Mat (Pressed Edge)0104
big woven bag
XPE Folding Mat (Pressed Edge) packing
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