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Easy to clean: EPE play mat is waterproof and it is east to clean. You can clean it with a wet cloth.

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EPE Material Play Mat

EPE Foam




1. Non-toxic: EPE play mat is made of EPE foam which is a eco-friendly material.
2. Eco-friendly: EPE foam which is non-toxic material.
3. Soft: EPE is a soft material, which is safe for babies.
4. Colorful: There are colorful and beautiful cartoon designs on mat surface.
5. Educational: There are alphabets, animal, numbers etc. designs printed on the mat, it is good for baby's education.
7. Easy to clean: EPE play mat is waterproof and it is east to clean. You can clean it with a wet cloth.

EPE mat can be customized
About customization
1. The pattern, size and thickness can be customized according to the needs of customers.
2. When customers need to customize, they must first send us the design drawings, and estimate the price based on the number of colors.
3. Customers need to customize, must reach the minimum amount, and have to make new molds.

EPE crawling mat: EPE is a new environmentally friendly foam material with high-strength cushioning and shock resistance. It is flexible, light weight, and elastic. It can absorb and disperse external impact force by bending to achieve a cushioning effect and overcome the fragility of ordinary styrofoam. At the same time, EPE has a series of superior use characteristics such as heat preservation, moisture resistance, heat insulation, sound insulation, anti-friction, anti-aging, and corrosion resistance.

1. Promote brain development
Baby crawling is helpful to the development of the brain, because crawling requires the cooperation between the brain and cerebellum. More crawling can enrich the neural connection between the big and cerebellum, and effectively promote the growth of the baby’s brain. It requires multiple learning and practice. A crawl is a mobilization and stimulation of the enthusiasm of the brain. Therefore, learning to crawl is actually an intensive training for the function of the brain and nervous system.

2. Promote language development
The frequency of baby’s language communication depends on the frequency of body language. A baby who can crawl constantly uses his body to explore the world around him. There are many actions with unknown results. Therefore, the frequency of parental language is obviously more than that of those who can’t crawl. Babies, with their parents’ constant verbal cues and body language, the rationality of the development is much faster than that of babies who can’t crawl.

3. Good character development
Crawling brings a lot of unexpected fun to the baby, and "feeling, crawling and rolling" is also the will and courage of the baby, which is conducive to the development of the baby's personality. Some babies are very courageous during the crawling process and dare not leave the sight of their parents , And some babies are very courageous. Regardless of whether there are parents around, he can let his interests crawl to a place he wants to explore.

4. Explore desire
The baby's motor and nervous systems can be fully exercised during crawling, which not only helps the baby's bones, muscles, nerves, and brain development, but also helps them understand the world earlier and better. Basic and psychological foundation, these learning experiences of the baby will turn into curiosity, so that the baby can be used for adventure, and can cultivate the ability and self-confidence of independent problem solving in the future.

Other Matters
Do not place small objects randomly on the ground to prevent your baby from eating in your mouth. Also, pay attention to the height of your baby's head without sharp corners of a table or chair to prevent knocking your head. Although the surface of the bed is soft, it has a certain height. Prevent the baby from falling off the bed when climbing.

If the plastic floor board or floor leather has a smell, it must be exposed to the smell before it can be used. It is best to use clean water when cleaning, and spray with a disinfectant that is harmless to the human body after cleaning; if you use detergent, once there is a residue, it is not good for your baby's health.

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0.5cm thickness EPE play mat can use non-woven bag and PE bag to pack.

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